The Matrix Resurrections – Soundtrack Review (2023)

Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer’s The Matrix Resurrections bridges old and new semi-successfully with several stylistic and thematic reprisals from Don Davis’ iconic work for the franchise, it’s just a bit of a shame that the score descends into some rather generic and unremarkable action territory for much of the album.

A twinkle of percussion thrusts us right back into the Matrix universe in the first few seconds of Opening, with the dissonant, electronics-based Matrix theme (composed by the legendary Don Davis) then fading ominously through to fully cement the return. At this point rapid, increasingly frenetic strings then spring into the fray, surging the music forward to breakneck speed as composers Klimek and Tykwer waste no time in kicking off the orchestral action. Tensions are kept high for much of the remainder of the five minute setpiece, with a particularly frenetic piano, bursts of dramatic brass and elevated percussion also joining the fray at various intervals. The Matrix theme also interweaves with the action several times, playing loudly and tensely in short, controlled bursts. All of the above then builds to fever pitch in the final minute of the piece, reaching a deafening crescendo just before the track arrives at a sudden, dramatic close. All-in, it’s a very tense re-introduction to the Matrix universe here, and one that’s rather reminiscent of Don Davis’ Trinity Infinity cue that opened the original Matrix score.

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Rapid strings and ominous electronic murmurs open Two And The Same, with a crash of percussion then signalling the continuation of the frantic action style from Opening at the ninety second mark. The established frenetic strings take centre stage for much of the cue’s five and a half minute runtime, with the occasional burst of brass emphasizing the increasingly tense tone until another crash of percussion brings it all to crescendo just as the track ends. Things then slow right down for Meeting Trinity, as a soft, melancholic piano takes the forefront together with some quietly sombre background strings. This gentle atmosphere doesn’t last for long though as It’s In My Mind then pulls us right back into action territory. Frantic, almost horror-like high-pitched strings open the piece with dissonant electronics helping to drive the worrisome mood forward alongside infrequent bursts of aggravated brass. The volume then increases dramatically and the tension builds to fever pitch over the course of the next few minutes, before percussion then brings crescendo once again just as the track comes to a close. I Fly Or I Fall switches things up once again in the opening minute, with quiet, echoing vocals and gentle strings evoking quite a melancholic atmosphere until additional, rapid strings start to take back the forefront and the music then builds up into action territory for the back half of the cue.

A slow, mournful piano and tense strings play through much of Set And Setting before Into The Train then kicks things up a notch, with the piano and strings becoming louder and frantic in a manner very similar to that of both track Opening and Don Davis’ action work for the previous Matrix films. The tension then continues into the start of Exit The Pod, though this time with loud, oppressive brass and dramatically in-your-face vocals now taking the forefront with the Davis-esque action strings being relegated to the background for the majority of the three minute setpiece. A little bit of hope then pushes its way into the score with The Dojo, as a rather optimistic piano plays enthusiastically during the opening minute before loud drums and tense electronics then take over for much of the final two minutes of the cue. Just before the end though hopeful vocals start to sound through, with Davis’ main theme playing briefly and dramatically to close things out. Dual atmospheric setpieces Enter IO and Inside IO then slow the pace right down, with the former cue setting a gentle, quietly moody tone on melancholic strings and rumbles of dissonant electronics for the most part (though it does then build to a rather epic crescendo towards its end) and the latter then continuing this tone in slightly more pensive form on morose strings and quiet, thoughtful brass. The short Escape concludes this rather atmospheric segment of the score with a short burst of action before tense strings build to a dramatically orchestral crescendo.

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So far, I have to say I’m not overly wowed by this score. The vast majority of the music so far as been just aggressive orchestral action, which while enjoyable in style, isn’t massively memorable (at least for me). The best parts are the little hints or sometimes straight passages that homage back to Don Davis’ original Matrix scores (including the use of his main theme), though they are sometimes similar enough (see Opening for example) to the point where you wonder why they simply didn’t just hire Davis back instead for Resurrections. Still, on with the score – Broadcast Depth begins with a rumble of percussion and a burst of aggressive brass, with rapid electronics setting a particularly frenzied pace that continues for the remainder of the track and then on to several subsequent ones. Light, scattering percussion opens Exiles for example, with lengthy brass notes expressing quite a dark, villainous tone together with the now typically loud, frantic strings. Davis’ main Matrix theme is also briefly hinted toward a few times throughout the track, though never directly played. Factory Fight then continues where it leaves off, leaning even more into the villainous side of things with bursts of aggressive, imposing electronics layered on top of the already very dramatic brass and strings. The frenetic piano notes from Opening also make a return in this cue, helping to build the orchestra to a loudly emphatic crescendo at the end of the four minute piece, with Davis’ main theme making a short, dramatic appearance to close it out.

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Bullet Time switches things up a bit in its opening minute, with slow, pensive strings evoking a much gentler tone together with moody piano notes helping to emphasize this change. A rumbling crash of percussion at sixty seconds in however then shatters this new peace, with action building back into the fray for the remainder of the track. The frantic Davis-esque strings then return once again throughout Infiltration, bigging up the already rather tense action setpiece which then leads directly into the subsequent I Like Tests. Here the strings take centre stage together with loud, oppressive brass notes, making for another unruly two minutes of action before I Can’t Be Her dials things back down with gentle, rather melancholic strings. These then build though over the course of the track’s three minute runtime, becoming louder and more dramatic until a particularly emotional crescendo is reached to close the piece, making for one of the better tracks on the album as a result. As the story starts to draw to a close, Simulatte Brawl and Swarm throw us right back into frantic action territory with loud, aggressive strings and bursts of aggravated brass leading the musical charge. Sky Scrape then slows things down initially with morose vocals before then leaping straight back in for one last desperate action surge with the full orchestra at its back. Final track My Dream Ended Here tries to provide a rather emotional finish for the score with slow strings opening the piece followed by loud, dramatic vocals, but this is then shattered in the back half as loud, villainous brass bursts back into view, ending the album overall on a curiously ominous note.

Overall, Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer’s loud, rather oppressively action-oriented score for The Matrix Resurrections is very reminiscent of Don Davis’ iconic compositional work for the franchise at certain points, but the rest of the time it just consists of aggressively imposing action music that while entertaining for a little while, does become dull and a bit tiresome as the album continues. The score opens quite strongly with standout cue Opening (a piece that’s fairly reminiscent of Don Davis’ Trinity Infinity) and the composers certainly aren’t afraid to use the main Matrix theme as well, but as above the increasingly frenetic action orchestral style used throughout the score just isn’t all that remarkable, with the full album becoming a bit of a slog to get through as a result (though the near-standout I Can’t Be Her does provide a refreshing albeit short change of pace towards the end). As such, Resurrections does feel just a little bit soulless overall; reprising the excellent theme and style that The Matrix was known for sure, but lacking perhaps that ingenuity and refreshing nature of Davis’ compositional work that made those scores so interesting to listen to.. All-in, it’s kind of just more of the same, but without the heart and energy that went into those original works.

One can’t help but wonder as well why they simply didn’t just hire Don Davis back for this one, especially considering how closely Klimek and Tykwer’s score follows his work for the franchise at times. To end on a slightly more positive note though, if you liked Davis’ Matrix scores… you’ll like bits of this one, for sure.

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Score: 6/10

Standout Cue: 1. Opening

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Did matrix resurrections get good reviews? ›

At best, The Matrix Resurrections comes off as a bad parody. At worst, it ruins The Matrix films that came before. I hated every single second of it. The ways in which it was commenting on itself and how the world has evolved since the last film came out, and the state of entertainment, and the world, and politics...

Why did The Matrix Resurrections flop? ›

It bombed because, being itself about self-hatred and nostalgia and the tyranny of screens, it was hated by self-hating nostalgic netizens. Who must, by this logic, constitute a core constituency of the moviegoing public. HBO Max resurrected Resurrections earlier this month for streaming.

Is Matrix resurrections a hit or flop? ›

The Matrix Resurrections failed to make a dent at the box office, begging the question of whether a different take on Matrix 4 could have done better. After The Matrix Resurrections bombed at the box office, one wonders if a different version of Matrix 4 could've succeeded.

Is The Matrix Resurrections confusing? ›

The release of the fourth movie of the Matrix series, “Matrix: Resurrections,” turned out to be rather disappointing when compared to the original. This well-meaning remake is a confusing combination of the other Matrix movies. Unlike the first movie, it is very hard to follow.

Is Matrix resurrections doing well? ›

While audiences expressed excitement for the latest movie, upon its hybrid-release in theaters and on HBO Max, The Matrix Resurrections faced dismal box office numbers. As of January 5, the movie has earned $106.8 million worldwide, and just $32.2 million in the United States and Canada.

Will there be a Matrix 5? ›

The Matrix 5 isn't currently in development – but that doesn't mean it won't happen, and the cast are game to return. In an interview with Fandom, Keanu Reeves said he didn't think the Wachowskis would be interested in directing another Matrix movie – but if the opportunity came up, he'd play Neo again.

Was The Matrix Resurrections a failure? ›

The long-awaited new Matrix film was a box-office flop – and now things are turning nasty behind the scenes.

Why didn t Laurence Fishburne do Matrix 4? ›

Fishburne, who played Morpheus in the original trilogy opposite Reeves, 58, and Moss, 55, previously spoke to New York Magazine and said he had "not been invited" to reprise his role. "I have not been invited," he told the publication in August 2020. "Maybe that will make me write another play.

Why did Lily not direct matrix resurrections? ›

Exhaustion and Grief Left Lilly Looking for Change

So I needed this time away from this industry. I needed to reconnect with myself as an artist and I did that by going back to school and painting and stuff.”

How much did Keanu Reeves make from the Matrix? ›

How much did Keanu Reeves make from the Matrix movies? Reeves made a total of about $250 million from the first three Matrix movies, at about $83.3 million each.

Did Matrix resurrections make a profit? ›

Box office

The Matrix Resurrections grossed $37.7 million in the United States and Canada, and $119.6 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $157.3 million against a budget of $190 million, making the film a box-office bomb.

Will Matrix 4 be the last? ›

Not so fast. In a recent interview with Collider, producer James McTeigue revealed that, for now, the “Matrix” team (which included director Lana flying solo this time without her sister Lilly) has no plans to develop further movies. “Look, for us, I think, at the moment, it's just the movie you've seen.

Is Neo and Trinity both the one? ›

Neo and Trinity are both “the One.” It's important to remember that the entire idea/concept of the One was a result of a systemic anomaly; one which was necessary to continue the overall function of the Matrix in general.

What do I need to remember before watching Matrix: Resurrections? ›

10 Things To Remember Before The Matrix Resurrections
  1. The White Rabbit. Neo's first clue that the world was not what he thought it to be appeared in the original Matrix film. ...
  2. Agent Smith. ...
  3. Deja Vu. ...
  4. Neo's Powers. ...
  5. The Oracle. ...
  6. Zion. ...
  7. The Sentinels. ...
  8. The Architect.
30 Dec 2021

Why is Neo bald in Matrix: Resurrections? ›

I figure hair would make maintaining the physical Matrix infrastructure more difficult. If his hair had been growing all his life, it would be floating around in the goop all the time, potentially tangling or clogging the plumbing, increasing the amount of maintenance needed.

Will Matrix resurrections have a sequel? ›

We might have finally reached the end of the Matrix movies after The Matrix Resurrections opened the door for more Neo and Trinity adventures.

What was the fail safe in The Matrix Resurrections? ›

After Neo's escape, a fail-safe was triggered to reset the Matrix back to the Architect's version. But the Analyst convinced the authorities that Neo would return and thus requested a halt to the reset. If Neo hadn't come back to the Matrix, the Analyst would have killed Trinity.

What does the ending of Matrix resurrections mean? ›

WHAT IS THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS ENDING EXPLAINED? Neo goes into the Matrix to convince Trinity to leave, but it has to be her choice, or else she will die. Neo says that if Trinity chooses to say in the Matrix, he will too. Of course, after a fake-out, Trinity chooses to leave with Neo.

What will Matrix awakens be? ›

The Matrix Awakens, released in December 2021 for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X, is meant to act as a tech demo showing off the “power and potential” of Epic's next-generation graphics engine, with its ray traced lighting and “metahumans.” It features digital replicas of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, a ...

Why can Trinity fly? ›

The Analyst discusses how it's Trinity and Neo as one - and now, seemingly, The One - that is special, at least in the rebooted version of the Matrix, which likely explains how she gained the ability to fly too: the Analyst likely meddled with her code, giving her access to the Prime Program and at least some of Neo's ...

Will Matrix awakens become a game? ›

The Matrix Awakens is a 2021 open world video game and technology demonstration developed by Epic Games using Unreal Engine 5 in partnership with Warner Bros.
The Matrix Awakens
EngineUnreal Engine 5
Platform(s)PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X/S
ReleaseDecember 9, 2021
6 more rows

How much money did The Matrix Resurrections lose? ›

'The Matrix Resurrections': Warner Bros Losses Estimated at Around $100 Million.

Why did the Matrix trilogy fail? ›

Screenwriter John August has diagnosed that the problem with the Matrix sequels was that they were “playing obscurity for depth”, i.e. obfuscating the internal logic of the characters' choices in order to make the audience fearful of dismissing it, just in case they were missing something that they just didn't get.

Does Matrix resurrections ignore the sequels? ›

Resurrections being a sequel to the first Matrix film only could be a big mistake for the franchise - even if its two sequels weren't as good. Although The Matrix Resurrections is officially billed as a sequel to the first Matrix film only, it simply cannot afford to ignore the sequels, no matter how bad they might be.

Which actor turned down The Matrix role? ›

I really believe [the role] was never mine. It was someone else's.” Keanu Reeves ended up playing Neo, of course, while Pitt suggested during the same interview that The Matrix is just one of the massive movies he said “no” to.

Who turned down The Matrix lead role? ›

Keanu Reeves is thankful to Will Smith for not taking the role of Neo in 'The Matrix. ' Reeves ended up featuring in the 1999 film by the Wachowskis, which is now regarded as one of the greatest science-fiction movies ever created.

Why is Matrix 4 only Lana? ›

The Matrix 4 is directed by only one of the Wachowski siblings, after Lilly Wachowski decided she did not want to “go backwards” in her career. The original Matrix trilogy was written and directed by Lilly and her sister Lana, but only Lana has returned for the forthcoming sequel, The Matrix Resurrections.

Who is the homeless guy in Matrix Resurrections? ›

Lambert Wilson (born 3 August 1958) is a French actor, singer and activist. He is best known internationally for his portrayal of The Merovingian in The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix Resurrections.

Who is the blue haired girl in Matrix Resurrections? ›

On any expedition like this, you need a guide, and the guide in Resurrections arrives in the form of Bugs, an electric-blue-haired gunslinger with a white rabbit tattoo, a flashy pair of indigo sunglasses, and a penchant for daring escapes and secret exploits played by Jessica Henwick.

Who is the highest paid actor for one movie? ›

For years, it was the gleaming smile of Tom Cruise who dominated the Hollywood silver screen, and more recently, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson became the highest-paid actor in the industry, thanks to his newfound success in the Fast & Furious franchise, among other successes.

Who is the highest paid actor? ›

Daniel Craig

Is John Wick The Matrix? ›

Neo and John Wick are the same person

The most blatant similarity between the Matrix and John Wick is quite obviously the lead actor being the American film star Keanu Reeves, now a permanent fixture of both franchises.

Why is Neo so weak in Matrix 4? ›

Essentially, the process of being resurrected and reuploaded into the Matrix (and coded all over again whenever he tried to escape) has quashed Neo's One powers.

How is Trinity alive in matrix 4? ›

Sensing the power in Neo and Trinity's connection, he persuaded his machine bosses to let him take their bodies. The Analyst then resurrected them using resurrection pods created by Sati's parents and plugged Neo and Trinity back into the Matrix, using them as a source code to build a new iteration.

Will there be a Matrix 6? ›

'Matrix' Producer Reveals There Will Be No More Movies: 'It's Just the Movie You've Seen' The Matrix Resurrections is the latest installment in the sci-fi franchise.

Did matrix resurrections lose money? ›

losses of around $100 million. The movie was claimed to have cost $190 million to make, with a further budget assigned to marketing, meaning its $125 million run, globally, in cinemas barely manages to offset those costs.

How are the reviews on the new Matrix? ›

Matrix resurrection is nothing more than nonsensical garbage with a few rehashed scenes from the original trilogy thrown in for nostalgia. This movie lacks everything that made "The Matrix" original & exciting & is more snoozefest than blockbuster.

How are the ratings for the new Matrix movie? ›

Twenty years after the events of The Matrix Revolutions, Neo is plagued by disturbing memories and dreams. But when offered a red pill, Neo finds himself pulled back into the dangerous world of the Matrix. Why is The Matrix Resurrections rated R? The MPAA rated The Matrix Resurrections R for violence and some language.

Is Matrix Resurrection a blockbuster? ›

“The Matrix Resurrections” is the most subversive blockbuster sequel you will ever see. Image courtesy of Warner Bros. The Matrix Ressurections hit theaters and HBO Max in December 2021.

How much did Keanu get paid for Resurrections? ›

As per a report published by Variety, Reeves made about $12-$14 million as base salary for The Matrix Resurrections, as compared to his $10 million salary for 1999's The Matrix.

How much did Keanu Reeves make for Matrix Resurrection? ›

How much did Keanu Reeves make for Matrix 4? According to Variety, Reeves will make between $12 million to $14 million for Matrix: Resurrection, plus back-end box office grosses and adjusted bonuses because the film will simultaneously be released on HBO Max.

Why wasn t Laurence Fishburne in the new Matrix? ›

Fishburne, who played Morpheus in the original trilogy opposite Reeves, 58, and Moss, 55, previously spoke to New York Magazine and said he had "not been invited" to reprise his role. "I have not been invited," he told the publication in August 2020.

Is Matrix resurrections OK for kids? ›

Content that may disturb children

In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, The Matrix Resurrections has some scenes that could scare or disturb children under 5 years. For example: The real world is dark, gloomy and full of threats.

Has The Matrix rating changed? ›

The Matrix ($467 million worldwide) was rated R in 1999 “for sci-fi violence and brief language.” The sequels ($742 million and $427 million both in 2003) nabbed R-ratings for “prolonged, intense violence, some bad language and a brief, sensual sex scene” and for “sci-fi violence and brief sexual content.” That Matrix ...

Why is the Matrix so good? ›

The Matrix is a ground-breaking motion picture that not only raised the bar for all the science-fiction films to come after it but also redefined the action genre with its thrilling action sequences and revolutionary visual effects.

Is the Matrix ok for a 10 year old? ›

“The Matrix” is rated at a 14+ on and has an impressive critical rating of 91 percent. This is not a kids movie, but it's also not worthy of the R rating it received.

Should I rewatch the Matrix before watching resurrection? ›

Matrix Resurrections hits the ground running with references and callbacks, so if you're not familiar with the story, there will be times you're left wondering what is going on. Even if you only saw the first movie when it came out 1999, it would be worth a rewatch beforehand.


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