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Waiter/Waitress Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • Entry-levelEntry-level
  • Mid-careerMid-career
  • Senior-levelSenior-level

Clark Ryan
(123) 456-7890 | [emailprotected] | 123 Address Rd, Philadelphia, PA 12345


Energetic Waiter with 2+ years of experience in a high-volume chain restaurant. Committed to providing attentive service while driving sales of daily specials, appetizers, and desserts. Fast learner who adapts readily to new work challenges and conditions.

Key Skills

  • Customer Relations & Service
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Lightspeed POS
  • Task Prioritization
  • Team Collaboration
  • Time Management

Work Experience

Waiter, Applebee’s, Philadelphia, PA | October 2020 to Present

  • Serve food and beverage orders to ~30 customers per shift
  • Use Lightspeed POS system to process cash, credit, debit, and gift card payments
  • Support other servers and kitchen staff by completing side work such as cleaning, restocking, and food running


  • Grew personal sales 25% through effective up-selling and cross-selling

Receptionist, LMN Incorporated, Philadelphia, PA | September 2019 to September 2020

  • Consistently praised for strong efficiency and customer relations in a fast-paced environment

Education & Credential

Candidate: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA | expected May 2023

ServSafe Certified

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Carly Williams
(123) 456-7890 | [emailprotected] | 123 Address Rd, Philadelphia, PA 12345


Waitress with nearly 10 years’ experience at popular Italian restaurants. Enjoy working on a team to provide a memorable and positive dining experience for all guests.

Professional Experience

Waitress, Le Virtu, Philadelphia, PA | April 2016 to Present

  • Take and serve food and drink orders to patrons of this 75-seat rustic Italian restaurant
  • Proactively learn new seasonal food and cocktail menus and ingredients
  • Use POS system to input orders and process cash, debit, credit, and gift card payments
  • Perform side work including set-up, sanitization, restocking, and assisting other servers


  • Named “Employee of the Month” 3 times for delivering top-quality customer service and team support

Waitress, Birra, Philadelphia, PA | June 2013 to April 2016

  • Took orders and delivered food and beverages to guests at this 90-seat casual Italian restaurant
  • Increased personal sales 20% by effectively promoting specials and food/alcohol pairings

Education & Professional Development

Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Communication, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

ServSafe Certified

Key Skills

  • Customer Relations & Service
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Menu & Ingredient Memorization
  • POS Systems (Toast, Upserve)
  • Process Streamlining
  • Product Sales & Promotions
  • Team Collaboration

Julie Bonner
(123) 456-7890 | [emailprotected] | 123 Address Rd, Philadelphia, PA 12345


Personable Waitress with 10+ years of experience in fast-paced restaurant settings. Skilled at memorizing menus, optimizing customer service, and training new hires on restaurant protocols. Draw on strong knowledge of POS systems including Toast, TouchBistro, and Upserve.

Professional Experience

Head Server, The Capital Grille, Philadelphia, PA | December 2019 to Present

  • Oversee shifts of 10-12 servers at this upscale, 100-seat restaurant
  • Memorize daily specials, seasonal cocktail list, and regular menu to quickly address customer questions and advise on possible allergens and substitutions
  • Take food and drink orders for ~40 guests per shift
  • Onboarded and trained 20 new servers to date

Waitress, Talula’s Garden, Philadelphia, PA | October 2016 to November 2019

  • Served ~20 guests per shift at this 50-seat farm-to-table restaurant
  • Studied extensive list of locally-sourced ingredients to accurately answer guests’ menu questions
  • Anticipated customers’ needs by promptly refilling drinks, providing extra napkins, and clearing away empty plates
  • Recommended appropriate food and beverage pairings on request

Waitress, Cantina Los Caballitos, Philadelphia, PA | August 2012 to September 2016

  • Served food and drink orders to guests at this casual Mexican restaurant
  • Performed side work such as cleaning, restocking, and assisting other servers
  • Processed cash, credit, debit, and gift card payments on POS system

Education & Credential

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

ServSafe Certified

Key Skills

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Customer Relations & Service
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Gastronomy
  • Menu & Order Memorization
  • New Hire Training
  • Personnel Management
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
  • Team Leadership & Motivation
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Tips for Writing a Better Waiter/Waitress Resume

Turn unrelated jobs into an asset

Although you must outline your recent work history on your resume, you don’t have to nor should you give more than basic details on any job that doesn’t pertain to your current goals. Keep this tip in mind when drafting your Experience section, so you don’t type out long descriptions of jobs that won’t speak to your target employers.

Often a great resume strategy for unrelated jobs is to focus your description on the transferable “soft skills” you gained there that now complement your overall skillset. For waiters and waitresses, good transferable skills usually include efficiency, customer relations, adaptability, and team collaboration.

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Receptionist, LMN Incorporated, Philadelphia, PA | September 2019 to September 2020

  • Consistently praised for strong efficiency and customer relations in a fast-paced environment.

Quantify your serving experiences and achievements

You can demonstrate your value as a waiter or waitress by giving specific numbers on your past performance. Restaurants often evaluate waitstaff on things such as how many patrons they serve or how much revenue they bring in. Keep track of this information, so you can include it on your resume when you apply for future jobs.


  • Provided prompt food and beverage service to ~80 guests across 8 tables per shift, with increased volume on weekends and holidays
  • Used cross-selling methods to increase dessert and appetizer sales by 15%

Common Key Skills for Waiter/Waitress Resumes

One of the best ways to improve your resume is to add keywords.

That’s because most employers now use an applicant tracking system (ATS), which scans each submitted resume for keywords relevant to the job opening at hand. When the ATS finds a resume with many relevant keywords, it flags the document for the hiring manager.

To make your resume ATS-friendly, add a keyword-rich “Skills” or “Expertise” section. Here are some common keywords for waiter/waitress resumes:

Note: As the list below indicates, you should use short noun phrases in this section to reflect your activities. Reserve personal attributes and adjectives (like “collaborative” or “strong work ethic”) for your Profile summary. Here’s a quick way to know whether you can add any term to your Key Skills section: Plug it into the phrase “I’m skilled in [term].” If the term makes a correct sentence (“I’m skilled in team collaboration”), it’s an OK addition. But if it’s nonsense (“I’m skilled in highly collaborative”), leave it out.

Key Skills & Proficiencies
Cash & Credit Card Handling Customer Relations & Service
Efficiency Improvement Food & Beverage Sales
Food Sanitation Standards Menu & Order Memorization
New Hire Training Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
Process Streamlining Task Prioritization
Team Collaboration Time Management

Common Action Verbs for Waiter/Waitress Resumes

One of the most frequent resume mistakes is using too few verbs. You may repeat the same generic verb (say, “Manage”) many times or rely on passive phrases like “Responsible for” or “Accountable for.” These tendencies can distract the hiring manager and fail to show the varied nature of your experience. The following list will help you mix up the verbs on your waiter or waitress resume:

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Action Verbs
Promote Provide

How to Align Your Resume With a Job Posting

One thing unique to most job postings is the description of the hiring organization. You can enhance your resume by tailoring it based on any details about the organization that resonate with you. Follow these four steps:

Step 1: Jot down a few notes on the type of work environment you like best. For instance, you may prefer an environment that’s one or more of the following:

  • Customer-focused
  • Collaborative
  • Fast-paced
  • Forward-looking
  • High-pressure
  • Process-oriented
  • Quality-focused

Step 2: When you find a job posting that intrigues you, look for any details about the hiring organization or its work culture.

Step 3: Compare those details against your preferred work environment, and highlight any overlap.

Step 4: Add a line or two to your Profile emphasizing that similarity. For example, say you prefer a work environment that’s customer-focused. You find a posting that says “We are a team that places customer satisfaction at the center of all our efforts.” You can then add a Profile line such as:

  • “Thrive in customer-focused work environments.”
  • “Drive repeat business by helping build positive relationships with customers.”

This simple exercise can make your resume more accurately show why you’re a great fit for the role as well as why the hiring manager should call you for an interview.

More Resume and Cover Letter Resources

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that jobs for waiters and waitresses will increase by about ten percent between 2021 and 2031.

For more on finding opportunities in this field and related fields, check out the links below:

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What should a resume look like in 2023? ›

For the majority of job-seekers, the best resume format in 2023 is the reverse-chronological resume format. This resume format involves listing your resume information (e.g. your work experience and your education) starting with the most recent one and going backward through relevant jobs, degrees, or qualifications.

How do I make my waitress resume look good? ›

How to Write a Waiter/Waitress Resume
  1. Write a dynamic profile summarizing your qualifications. ...
  2. Add a results-driven experience section. ...
  3. Include relevant education and certifications. ...
  4. List key skills and proficiencies.
2 days ago

What is a good summary for a waiter on a resume? ›

Waiter Resume Summary

Seeking to use high-level guest service skills, excellent food order recall, and the ability to serve multiple tables at once to become a valued waiter at The Clever Caracal Restaurant. Experienced waiter with excellent customer service skills. Extremely efficient, dependable, and reliable.

How do you describe yourself as a waitress on a resume? ›

Example: Before: “Served food and drinks to customers in popular establishment.” After: “Served 100+ customers daily in 20-table restaurant.”

What not to include in a resume 2023? ›

18 Things to Leave Off Your Resume in 2023
  • An objective statement. ...
  • A photo of yourself. ...
  • Irrelevant work experience. ...
  • Personal information. ...
  • Non-technical skills. ...
  • Lengthy paragraphs. ...
  • List of tasks and duties. ...
  • More than three bullet points.
Feb 26, 2023

What makes a good waiter explain in 3 sentences? ›

Good manners are an important trait for every good waiter. Such manners include making eye contact, smiling, being polite, pulling out chairs when appropriate, listening, and always putting the customers' interests before their own.

What makes you stand out as a Waitress? ›

Include how much experience you have and a time you went above and beyond to make a customer feel good. Answer: In my ten years serving people I've always been prompt and attentive and never left a table sitting for long. I am dedicated to a higher level of service and making sure everyone works together as a team.

What are the special skills for waitressing? ›

You'll need:
  • customer service skills.
  • the ability to work well with others.
  • the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure.
  • to be thorough and pay attention to detail.
  • excellent verbal communication skills.
  • a desire to help people.
  • active listening skills.
  • a good memory.

What are the hobbies of a waitress? ›

3. Use a hobbies and interests section
  • Joining a club or social group: Shows your interpersonal skills.
  • Sports activities: Highlights your physical fitness.
  • Playing a musical instrument: Indicates you can quickly learn new concepts and retain information well.
  • Debate clubs: Showcases your presentation skills.
Jan 9, 2023

What is your greatest strength as a waitress? ›

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CARE – As a waitress/waiter, you have to provide great service. This includes welcoming guests, sitting them down quickly, taking drinks orders, taking food orders and tending to their needs in a fast and efficient manner.

How do you make a food service job sound good on a resume? ›

Ways to include a serving job on a resume
  1. Customer service skills.
  2. Conflict resolution skills.
  3. Problem-solving skills.
  4. Professionalism.
  5. Ability to work in stressful environments.
  6. Ability to work in fast-paced environments.
  7. Verbal and written communication skills.
Mar 10, 2023

How should I introduce myself as a waitress? ›

Server Greeting Examples

[Howdy, Hiya, What's hangin'?], I'm [first name]. Let me know if you have any questions during your meal, I'm here to help. Hi folks, my name is [first name].

What are 3 common resume mistakes? ›

The 10 Worst Resume Mistakes to Avoid
  • Typos and Grammatical Errors. ...
  • Lack of Specifics. ...
  • Attempting the "One–Size–Fits–All" Approach. ...
  • Highlighting Duties Instead of Accomplishments. ...
  • Going on Too Long or Cutting Things Too Short. ...
  • Bad Summary. ...
  • No Action Verbs. ...
  • Leaving Off Important Information.

What are 5 common mistakes on your resume you should avoid? ›

Here are just a few of the most common CV mistakes, according to five employers.
  • Having spelling errors and bad grammar. ...
  • Exaggerating the truth. ...
  • Poor formatting. ...
  • An unoriginal personal profile. ...
  • Not focusing on your achievements. ...
  • Making your CV too long. ...
  • Putting the wrong contact information.

What is the rule of 3 resume? ›

Resume Tips and the Rule of Three R's. To ensure your resume leaves a great impression on everyone who reads it, be sure to follow the three R's of resume writing: Relevance, Results and Realism. These three categories will help you craft a marketing document that leaves employers with a great first impression.

What skills are employers looking for in 2023? ›

The 10 most in-demand skills for 2023
  • Management. Effective management is a key driver of employee engagement, productivity, and retention — all of which have suffered in recent years. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Customer service. ...
  • Leadership. ...
  • Sales. ...
  • Project management. ...
  • Research. ...
  • Analytical skills.

How far back should your resume go? ›

Generally, experts recommend keeping about 10-15 years of work experience on your resume, but that guidance changes depending on your professional history. Your resume is one of the first things a potential employer sees about you.

How many pages should a resume be 2023? ›

A resume in 2023 should be either one-page or two-pages long, it will depend on your years of experience. Typically, a one-page resume is the most commonly submitted to a job application but it's normal for senior-level or managerial positions to receive professional resumes that are two-pages long.

What are the 5 things a waiter must have? ›

Top 7 Qualities and Skills of a Good Waiter
  • Skill #1: Active Listening. ...
  • Skill #2: Sharp Memory. ...
  • Skill #3: Attentiveness. ...
  • Skill #4: Flexibility. ...
  • Skill #5: Positive Attitude. ...
  • Skill #6: Ability to Hustle. ...
  • Skill #7: Multi-Tasking. ...
  • Start Your Job as a Server with Food Handler Training.
Jan 29, 2020

What are the three types of waiters? ›

Front waiter. Back waiter, who helps waiters refill water, replenish bread, etc. Bar back, who helps a bartender by bussing, and restocking glassware and alcohol. Runner, who brings cooked dishes to diners.

What is the hardest part of being a waitress? ›

Waitresses experience difficult working conditions even when they're not harassed. Few servers have health insurance or other benefits at the workplace, and often can't afford to take time off when they're ill. Shifts are erratic at many restaurants, making it difficult for waitresses to arrange child or elder care.

Why should we hire you? ›

“I should be hired for this role because of my relevant skills, experience, and passion for the industry. I've researched the company and can add value to its growth. My positive attitude, work ethics, and long-term goals align with the job requirements, making me a committed and valuable asset to the company.”

What do you say in Tell me about yourself? ›

Your answer to the "tell me about yourself" question should describe your current situation, your past job experience, the reason you're a good fit for the role, and how you align with the company values. Tell the interviewer about your current position and a recent big accomplishment or positive feedback you received.

How to write a resume for restaurant server no experience? ›

15 Skills for an Entry-level Restaurant Resume:
  1. Excellent communication skills.
  2. Experience taking orders.
  3. Payment processing experience.
  4. Basic math proficiency.
  5. Friendly personality.
  6. Attention to detail.
  7. Scheduling flexibility.
  8. Punctuality.

Do I explain my skills on a resume? ›

To include skills on a functional resume, you should create skill sections that list your successes with key skills relevant to the position for which you're applying. Any professional experience you do have should go below your skills section.

How can I look nice as a waitress? ›

Maintain your personal hygiene by regularly showering and brushing your teeth. Follow the dress code at your workplace. In general, dark-colored dress pants, a button-up shirt, and dress shoes are good options. Wear clean clothes that fit well and keep your hair out of your face.

What are 3 strengths as a server? ›

Here are some important skills a server should have:
  • Basic math.
  • Communication.
  • Customer service.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Teamwork.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Stamina.
Mar 10, 2023

What is greatest weakness? ›

When recruiters ask “what is your greatest weakness,” they are looking to see if you are honest, self-aware, and willing to improve. Answer “what is your greatest weakness” by choosing a skill that is not essential to the job you're applying to and by stressing exactly how you're practically addressing your weakness.

How do you pass a waitress interview? ›

If the hiring manager is impressed, you could get a job offer right away.
  1. Proper Dress. Your interview attire for a waitress position should be conservative, even if you are interviewing for a very casual restaurant. ...
  2. The Right Demeanor. ...
  3. Your Work History. ...
  4. Emphasize Transferrable Skills. ...
  5. Discuss Availability.

How many bullets should you have on a resume? ›

Aim for 4-6 bullet points per role. You can get away with listing up to 8 bullet points for your most recent role. Older positions may only need 1-2 bullet points. If you held a job more than 10-15 years ago, omit the bullet points or leave it off your resume entirely.

How do you make a deli job sound good on a resume? ›

  1. Experienced guest service and communication skills.
  2. Cash register and computer proficiency.
  3. Supply management.
  4. Knowledge of food preparation standards.
  5. Slicer, fryer, oven, microwave, and scale knowledge.
  6. Selling techniques.
  7. Responsive work style.
  8. Problem-solving.

How do I write a waitress job with no experience? ›

Waiter/waitress cover letter example - no experience

I was excited to see that Restaurant ABC has a position available for a new waitress, as a frequent patron of your establishment with a passion for the food and hospitality industry I am confident I would make a great addition to your team.

What do you say when applying for a waitress job? ›

Dear Hiring Manager, Please accept my cover letter and resume as consideration for your open Waitress position at The Foundry Restaurant. I fulfill the requirements in the ad that state you need a Waitress who is personable, reliable, outgoing and calm under pressure.

How long should a resume be in 2023? ›

A resume in 2023 should be either one-page or two-pages long, it will depend on your years of experience. Typically, a one-page resume is the most commonly submitted to a job application but it's normal for senior-level or managerial positions to receive professional resumes that are two-pages long.

Will it be harder to find a job in 2023? ›

Overall, the job market is likely to slow down in 2023 as compared to the historically low unemployment rates of 2022. This is considered a return to normal economic conditions. However, new jobs will be created, and there will be opportunities for diligent job seekers to find work.

What is your career resolution for 2023? ›

Seek out new opportunities for growth and advancement. Consider changing careers or starting your own business. Set and achieve small goals to build confidence and momentum. Improve time management skills.

What are the worst resume mistakes? ›

The 10 Worst Resume Mistakes to Avoid
  • Typos and Grammatical Errors. ...
  • Lack of Specifics. ...
  • Attempting the "One–Size–Fits–All" Approach. ...
  • Highlighting Duties Instead of Accomplishments. ...
  • Going on Too Long or Cutting Things Too Short. ...
  • Bad Summary. ...
  • No Action Verbs. ...
  • Leaving Off Important Information.

Which of the following should not be on your resume? ›

Personal details. There's no need to include personal information on a resume such as your social security number, marital status, nationality, sexual orientation, or spiritual beliefs. In fact, it is illegal for employers to ask for these personal details.

Is it better to have a 1 page or 2 page resume? ›

Allowing your resume to run longer than the standard one-page length may actually help you get further in the job hunting process, research suggests. A 2018 study found that employers preferred two-page resumes over one-page resumes, regardless of a candidate's job level.

Which skill is in demand in 2023? ›

The top five skills in demand for 2023 are management, communication, customer service, leadership, and sales. The top five hard skills include software development, SQL, finance, Python, and Java.

What are 7 soft skills? ›

Soft skills are just as essential as hard skills for tech professionals. The right personality traits can help you excel at work. Highly valued soft skills include communication, time management, network building, empathy, critical thinking, being proactive and self-awareness.

What are the biggest job trends in 2023? ›

Education, government, health care and retail are among the industries where hiring has maintained its momentum, and are poised for continued growth in 2023.

Why is nobody hiring right now 2023? ›

Why is quiet hiring a 2023 trend? The current economic uncertainty is one reason why quiet hiring is a current trend, as companies may be more likely to slow down hiring, according to McRae. Another reason, she explained, is a widespread talent shortage.

What is quiet quitting job? ›

Quiet quitting doesn't actually refer to quitting a job—it means completing one's minimum work requirements without going above and beyond or bringing work home after hours.

What jobs will not be in demand in the future? ›

With technology replacing jobs at a certain rate, we take a look at some roles that may not exist in the future.
  • Travel Agent Jobs. ...
  • Cashier Jobs. ...
  • Telemarketer Jobs. ...
  • Safety Inspector Jobs. ...
  • Assembly Line Worker Jobs. ...
  • Newspaper Delivery Jobs. ...
  • Referee Jobs. ...
  • Train Driver Jobs.

How to live your best life in 2023? ›

11 Easy Ways to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet
  1. 01 of 11. Set Intentions, Not Resolutions. ...
  2. 02 of 11. Discover a New Hobby. ...
  3. 03 of 11. Pack Your Bags. ...
  4. 04 of 11. Face Your Fears. ...
  5. 05 of 11. Make Sense of Your Space. ...
  6. 06 of 11. Develop a Routine. ...
  7. 07 of 11. Break a Sweat. ...
  8. 08 of 11. Practice Gratitude.
Dec 20, 2022

What is a future proof career? ›

Future-proofing in career development involves anticipating the future world of work and developing ways to minimize the impact of unforeseeable events. This requires a combination of reassessing your professional qualifications and studying the latest employment trends.

What are some good resolutions for 2023? ›

The 8 most popular New Year's resolutions of 2023, according to a survey—and how to keep them
  • Exercise more. ...
  • Eat healthier. ...
  • Lose weight. ...
  • Save more money. ...
  • Spend more time with friends and family. ...
  • Spend less time on social media. ...
  • Reduce stress on the job. ...
  • Reduce spending on living expenses.
Jan 13, 2023


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